The Launch of My New Book Begins!

I am very excited about my upcoming book Ghost of Robeson. I have been a writer for most of my life. I have written on civil rights, racism, history, politics, philosophy and economics. But it is this book that I am most proud of!

The book is the story of our three year struggle to save public housing in my hometown of Peekskill N.Y.  But it is much more than that. It chronicles our movement against the most violent, racist political elements in the history of Peekskill since Paul Robeson came to town in 1949. Much of the information in this book has never been seen by the general public.

For more details, including launch date,  get over to Ghost of Robeson and enter your contact info in the email box on the righthand side now: . I promise you, this book will shock you, inspire you, and force the type of conversation America needs in 2014 and beyond.


Peekskill Democrats Defeated at Polls by Grassroots

The Peekskill Democratic Party went down to defeat this past Election Day. The most disgraceful collection of politicians this city has ever seen. In this important edition of OUR WORLD I talk about who these people REALLY are and how and why we defeated them. Also, it is important to understand, our work is not done. Just CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!!

The Ugliest Administration in Peekskill’s History

The Peekskill Democratic Party has allowed a group of elitist to move into Peekskill, take over the party, and then apply THEIR standards of who is good enough to continue to live here.

When their hostility to poor people and people of color became evident, we had no choice but to stand up to them. What resulted was the worst attack on constitutional rights this town has ever seen, violent gutter politics and a real political coupe: a part-time, ceremonial mayor completely took over local government and has run it into the ground.

This radio show I did this week is certainly one the most important shows I have ever done. I am not talking to the Democrats’ supporters who refer to Black people as “monkeys” or “people gaming the system.” I am talking to the fair minded who want to know our perspective and experiences under this administration. Because, unlike these Democrats, I don’t believe most voters in Peekskill are stupid. Unlike these Democrats, I don’t believe most of the residents that I grew up with in Peekskill think this town should go to newly arrived white snobs and to hell with everyone else.

Enjoy and please share wide and far! Just click the play button below.  

Mayor Foster Deceives the Voters, Risks Bennett’s Health

In typical Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster fashion, loyal machine Democrat Don Bennett was used by the mayor and the Democratic party at extreme risk to his health. Don Bennett was chewed up and spit out. Despite suffering from MS, Don was asked to stay on the council- at great risk to his health- in a ploy to deceive and cheat the public out of the opportunity to vote for his replacement.

Why would I say such a thing about a man who is so sick? Well first of all because I have the right to say this. I tried to convince Don months ago that he needed to get out of politics- which included his seat on the Housing Authority- and tend to his health. He agreed. But something, or someone, changed his mind. That “someone” was Mayor Foster.

When I first learned Don was sick I stopped calling him to talk politics. I called him to see if he needed a ride to the doctor or help grocery shopping. I continued to press him to retire. Then it came out- the mayor asked him to stay on for a “little while longer.” That turned into almost a year! Who knows what that stress did to his body? Remember the Peekskill Housing Authority was in turmoil and Don was a commissioner.

I was told months ago- by another Democratic Party Official- that despite Don not attending several council meetings in a row and his retirement from WHUD Radio, he would remain on past an election deadline, insuring no election for his seat. In other words, now the mayor gets to hand pick Don’s replacement. You can bet the “color blind” mayor will pick a Black parrot.

It is tragic that the same mayor who, in an unheard of move, demoted Don from Deputy Mayor, then risks his life to protect a part-time council seat! Does Peekskill really need such a ruthless person as mayor?

I didn’t plan on writing this article because it is a little touchy. While I wish Don all the best, I think the public has a right to know that the mayor- again- misled the public, took away your right to vote for a replacement for Don, and chewed him up and spit him out in the process. Public servants need to care about people. They need to have a sense of loyalty. They need some measure of integrity. These Democrats have none. Be well Don and thanks for serving.


Peekskill Mayor Subjected Employees to Lie Detector Tests

In a democracy, in 2011, who would think that United States citizens could be treated like criminals without a crime being committed? Worse, the culprit, Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster and the all Democratic council are being protected by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is well aware of these abuses and others. I guess Democrats in New York can forget about the constitution. Perhaps it also helps if one Peekskill council member, Darren Rigger, works for Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel.

Below is an email I received a couple of years ago from an unknown source. It chronicles abuse of power and the terrorizing of city employees by Mayor Foster. And sadly, how employees were made to take lie detector tests because the Democrats tried to mislead the public and someone was courageous enough to expose it- without breaking the law! The email follows:

The City purchased the “carter property” without doing an environmental test on it first.  As you know the Mayor claimed publicly that the property had been tested before purchase.   This was not true.  After millions were spent in the purchasing of the property the land was finally tested by an environmental company and the results showed the land is completely contaminated and millions will be needed to clean it up.  The City Manager (Finn) received a copy of this report as did some other employees.  “Rumor” has it that Finn did not want the Mayor to see this report until after the election.  In the mean time Washington became aware of the information in the environmental report and held a press conference “exposing” this information to the public a day or two before the election. 
Since that time the Mayor has vowed to find out who “leaked” this information to the public even though this information is available to the public!!! These ARE NOT secret documents.  In essence a witch hunt is taking place with in the walls of City Hall.  Employees are being completed harassed.  SEVERAL employees were taken to the police station and interrogated by the Chief and other Officers about their possible involvement in this “leak” of PUBLIC information.  They were also asked to submit to lie detector tests!!!!  They were treated like common criminals and completely degraded.  This is not a criminal act and it is SHOCKING that the PD would agree to submit people to this type of treatment SIMPLY because the Mayor asked them to.  What an abuse and misuse of power.  In addition, an outside special council (lawyer) has been hired to question these employees.  This council was hired and as a result an enormous amount of tax payers money is being spent to investigate these employees.  They are being harassed and treated like criminals for something that is not illegal.  This is a really horrible situation and those involved are terrified to speak out due to the very real fear of retaliation. 

The George Zimmerman Verdict

As I read some of the reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict, several things run through my mind. The first thing I see, frankly, is the nauseating posturing by “activists” and politicians who have never even uttered the word racism, or who have had no stomach to actually confront racism in America. George Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger, but racism and cowardice killed Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon  didn’t die because of George Zimmerman. He died because there is not enough courage in America to confront white skin privilege and racist distortions of who Black people are. We all know America is as racist today as it was in the 50s and 60s. Yet, most people don’t have the guts to say it, much less do anything about it. And so the killings continue- unpunished!

Some will say that this argument doesn’t hold up because Zimmerman is Hispanic. The agents of racism-Black, white or Hispanic ALL benefit from the white skin of the people they serve. If Zimmerman served the interest of his own people, he would never have had a gun in the first place. He has a violent history and arrest record.

I don’t see politicians of either party addressing racism in America. The Democratic Party proudly claims on their committee website that THEY led the civil rights movement! And yet, they seemed to have forgotten that the struggle continues.

I bet if I asked five people to define racism I would get five different answers. That is another fatal weakness. People don’t even know- in general- what racism is. They think it is calling someone a nigger or burning a cross. They don’t recognize that most gated communities are a form of racism. They don’t understand that holding ALL Blacks responsible for the acts of some Blacks is racism.

I could go on with examples of racism but the main problem here is that whites refuse to have a conversation about racism, and demonize any Black person who points it out in society. If we are going to stop the racist killings of our people, we are going to have to hold ourselves and our representatives in government responsible. If they are not going to speak up, get rid of them! Vote them out or run them out!

We are a community under assault. The George Zimmerman verdict shows that. One of our kids was murdered- again- just because he was Black. And no one has to pay. We need to put forth our best defenders. Leaders and organizers who will actually fight for justice, not try to “press conference” our way to freedom. Stop with the press stunts. Build a movement or join one. Grow some balls because that is what it takes to get real progress. Otherwise join a knitting club.

Too many leeches are benefiting politically and financially from our misery. As a result, no organizing of significance is taking place in many communities. These people come in, get what they want, and are gone.

We don’t need them in our community. In fact, they are as much the problem as the Zimmermans of the world because they get in the way of us building a movement. Let us do what is our tradition: Organize! Organize! Organize!

Let us vote out the next District Attorney that fails to jail the murderers of our people. Let us stop spending our money in the business district that is silent about attacks on us. Let us march and picket until no new investors will come into the community that kills our people. To the status seekers and opportunists in our communities – you are fired. The real men and women have work to do!

More Emails Expose Peekskill Mayor Foster and Co as Liars

I know many of you have been following our struggle to save Public Housing in Peekskill from the Dixiecrats. At a city council work session, Councilwoman Kathy Talbot blurted at me,” You are just doing this to get in the news.”

Today, on Darrell Davis Radio dot com, I am posting an email from 2010. This email- which is from a series of exchanges- shows a patient and professional Darrell Davis asking for a meeting with city officials because as I write in the email, this is an issue “..I think everyone would like to handle in private.”

Once again, the mayor and council are proven to be liars who forced this three year struggle on us- unnecessarily- but now try to mislead the public by saying we were looking for a fight all along.  Or as Talbot says, “To get in the news!” As this email shows, nothing could be further from the truth. In fairness to Talbot, she was not on the council in 2010. Still, if she is going to attack our integrity, she needs to know what she is talking about.

This email shows me trying to resolve this issue behind closed doors. It also shows that Mayor Foster didn’t even seem interested in reading anything from me. Remember, I endorsed her on my radio show, carried her literature, hosted meetings for her and she then treats me like all I can do for her is park her car? This email – from a series of exchanges-is between me and Councilwoman Drew Claxton:

From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:00 AM
To: Claxton, Drew
Subject: Re: Meeting

 This meeting request is about another issue that I think everyone would like to handle in private. The Mayor has made no indication to me about my email. I don’t even know if she opened it since I didn’t get a receipt.

There it is right there!  So much for Talbot’s,”You just want to be in the news.”  I was looking to resolve these issues behind closed doors and in fact attempted to do that with TWO meetings. The mayor claimed, publicly, that there was only one meeting. That is another lie on her part and my next email will expose that. To the Peekskill Democrats, I wish you a Happy 4th of You-lie!

True Leaders, Uncle Toms and Racism

America is more segregated today than it was in the sixties. According to a new study reported on in the New York Times, our nation is more prejudiced today than when President Obama was elected. Where race is concerned, we are going backwards. Why is that? Why are there few Dr. Kings, Stokely Carmichaels or Fannie Lou Hamers today? Why are more and more “movement” people tomming? In this week’s radio show I deal with all of that and more. And I bring it all home to the local struggle against racism in Peekskill N.Y. Please share this episode on Facebook, Twitter and in email. Just click on the giant button below and enjoy the show!


Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster Publicly Denied Sending This Email


  At a televised city council meeting last year, Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster denied sending me an email saying that she supports ousted Housing Director Harold Phipps. I told her I would bring a copy of the email to the next council meeting and she arrogantly snapped, “Go ahead!”

Well, I didn’t bring it to the next meeting. Instead, I am posting it here on darrelldavisradio dot com! You should know that this email was in response to my email demanding Mr. Phipps be replaced as housing director. Here is her response:

From: “Mary F. foster” <>
Cc: ‘Don Bennett’ <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 15:31:35 -0400
Subject: RE: Renewal of Contract of PHA Director Harold Phipps

Just so that you are aware, I believe that in most respects Mr. Phipps has been doing a fine job and has my support.

Mayor Foster

For the next few years she demonstrated her support of him by continuing to threaten us with arrest, evictions and termination of employment for attending council meetings and exposing Mr. Phipps’ abuses.

She repeatedly appointed housing commissioners who would vote to renew Mr. Phipps contract and then quit. Our courage and tenacity won out in the end. The people got rid of him!

The above email is the first of several emails and documents I will be releasing on this website exposing Mayor Foster, and the Peekskill Democrats, for the liars they are.

Peekskill Mayor Revives Hate That Almost Killed Paul Robeson

The so called Robeson Riots mark a shameful day in the history of this nation. Peekskill residents, driven by jingoism, racism and antisemitism, rioted in 1949, and assaulted concert-goers who came out to hear Paul Robeson give a free show opposing the war.

For that effort, Robeson might have been killed if he had not been turned back at the train station.

Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster has revived that hatred by blaming Public Housing residents, most of them Black and Latino, for Peekskill’s economic woes. Her abuse of people of color at council meetings borders on Fascism. I cover all of that in this very important episode. Just click the GIANT BUTTON BELOW.