The George Zimmerman Verdict

As I read some of the reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict, several things run through my mind. The first thing I see, frankly, is the nauseating posturing by “activists” and politicians who have never even uttered the word racism, or who have had no stomach to actually confront racism in America. George Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger, but racism and cowardice killed Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon ┬ádidn’t die because of George Zimmerman. He died because there is not enough courage in America to confront white skin privilege and racist distortions of who Black people are. We all know America is as racist today as it was in the 50s and 60s. Yet, most people don’t have the guts to say it, much less do anything about it. And so the killings continue- unpunished!

Some will say that this argument doesn’t hold up because Zimmerman is Hispanic. The agents of racism-Black, white or Hispanic ALL benefit from the white skin of the people they serve. If Zimmerman served the interest of his own people, he would never have had a gun in the first place. He has a violent history and arrest record.

I don’t see politicians of either party addressing racism in America. The Democratic Party proudly claims on their committee website that THEY led the civil rights movement! And yet, they seemed to have forgotten that the struggle continues.

I bet if I asked five people to define racism I would get five different answers. That is another fatal weakness. People don’t even know- in general- what racism is. They think it is calling someone a nigger or burning a cross. They don’t recognize that most gated communities are a form of racism. They don’t understand that holding ALL Blacks responsible for the acts of some Blacks is racism.

I could go on with examples of racism but the main problem here is that whites refuse to have a conversation about racism, and demonize any Black person who points it out in society. If we are going to stop the racist killings of our people, we are going to have to hold ourselves and our representatives in government responsible. If they are not going to speak up, get rid of them! Vote them out or run them out!

We are a community under assault. The George Zimmerman verdict shows that. One of our kids was murdered- again- just because he was Black. And no one has to pay. We need to put forth our best defenders. Leaders and organizers who will actually fight for justice, not try to “press conference” our way to freedom. Stop with the press stunts. Build a movement or join one. Grow some balls because that is what it takes to get real progress. Otherwise join a knitting club.

Too many leeches are benefiting politically and financially from our misery. As a result, no organizing of significance is taking place in many communities. These people come in, get what they want, and are gone.

We don’t need them in our community. In fact, they are as much the problem as the Zimmermans of the world because they get in the way of us building a movement. Let us do what is our tradition: Organize! Organize! Organize!

Let us vote out the next District Attorney that fails to jail the murderers of our people. Let us stop spending our money in the business district that is silent about attacks on us. Let us march and picket until no new investors will come into the community that kills our people. To the status seekers and opportunists in our communities – you are fired. The real men and women have work to do!

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  • Well said!!

  • Everyone seems to want to jump into the head lines by sponsoring a “Trayvon Martin” event focus on past injustice endorsed, but not to state that the prosecution of Zimmerman was sabotaged for the audacity of bringing the case to national attention and criticizing white institutions.

    Too few of these events reference measures for holding police responsible or stemming the tide of sanctioned gun ownership on one side of the race divide and statements encouraging aggressive use for “self defense”. Vigilantes come in many forms and seek to enforce a colonial mentality, justifying deadly force by default. We have a Stop and Frisk decision that can be an organizing focus … it is not the answer but a strong rebuff the blanket denial of profiling and blatant assaults as a community control tactic.

    We are way behind in Westchester in getting police even to document contacts much less record the truth about repressive practices. All these “news stories” (for the victims, they are life stories) need to be tied together with a demand to get police and condoned violence under control.

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