Peekskill Mayor Revives Hate That Almost Killed Paul Robeson

The so called Robeson Riots mark a shameful day in the history of this nation. Peekskill residents, driven by jingoism, racism and antisemitism, rioted in 1949, and assaulted concert-goers who came out to hear Paul Robeson give a free show opposing the war.

For that effort, Robeson might have been killed if he had not been turned back at the train station.

Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster has revived that hatred by blaming Public Housing residents, most of them Black and Latino, for Peekskill’s economic woes. Her abuse of people of color at council meetings borders on Fascism. I cover all of that in this very important episode. Just click the GIANT BUTTON BELOW.


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  • One of the finest treatments of racism in Peekskill, NY and a beautiful opportunity to get to know Darrell more while he teaches about what and who we are AND what we need to be about… Grasp the difference between “supporting Republicans” vs. STOPPING racist Democrats and listen to the feelings of a man who had bleeding wrists from cuffs too tight (and illegal) but is pained more by the “good people” who blindly vote racist Democrats in because they don’t want to support Republicans-

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