Peekskill Mayor Subjected Employees to Lie Detector Tests

In a democracy, in 2011, who would think that United States citizens could be treated like criminals without a crime being committed? Worse, the culprit, Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster and the all Democratic council are being protected by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is well aware of these abuses and others. I guess Democrats in New York can forget about the constitution. Perhaps it also helps if one Peekskill council member, Darren Rigger, works for Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel.

Below is an email I received a couple of years ago from an unknown source. It chronicles abuse of power and the terrorizing of city employees by Mayor Foster. And sadly, how employees were made to take lie detector tests because the Democrats tried to mislead the public and someone was courageous enough to expose it- without breaking the law! The email follows:

The City purchased the “carter property” without doing an environmental test on it first.  As you know the Mayor claimed publicly that the property had been tested before purchase.   This was not true.  After millions were spent in the purchasing of the property the land was finally tested by an environmental company and the results showed the land is completely contaminated and millions will be needed to clean it up.  The City Manager (Finn) received a copy of this report as did some other employees.  “Rumor” has it that Finn did not want the Mayor to see this report until after the election.  In the mean time Washington became aware of the information in the environmental report and held a press conference “exposing” this information to the public a day or two before the election. 
Since that time the Mayor has vowed to find out who “leaked” this information to the public even though this information is available to the public!!! These ARE NOT secret documents.  In essence a witch hunt is taking place with in the walls of City Hall.  Employees are being completed harassed.  SEVERAL employees were taken to the police station and interrogated by the Chief and other Officers about their possible involvement in this “leak” of PUBLIC information.  They were also asked to submit to lie detector tests!!!!  They were treated like common criminals and completely degraded.  This is not a criminal act and it is SHOCKING that the PD would agree to submit people to this type of treatment SIMPLY because the Mayor asked them to.  What an abuse and misuse of power.  In addition, an outside special council (lawyer) has been hired to question these employees.  This council was hired and as a result an enormous amount of tax payers money is being spent to investigate these employees.  They are being harassed and treated like criminals for something that is not illegal.  This is a really horrible situation and those involved are terrified to speak out due to the very real fear of retaliation. 

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  • Some serious questions to consider in Peekskill:

    How can an electorate ever consider putting Mary Foster back in the Mayor’s seat?

    How can an electorate ever consider supporting this woman and her puppet Council after years of deceit, abuse of citizens and an arrogant, racist history?

    How can an electorate cower in fear or ignorance from the challenge of voting for someone who truly desires an administration of the people, by the people and for the people? How can they say they love Peekskill, NY?

    How can an electorate support lies, abuse of power, and shallow uninformed treatment of the Constitution?

    How can an electorate insult the entire community by supporting a woman and her “yes Ma’m Council” after four years of allowing and supporting ugly abuse and denial of rights of expression for residents in Public Housing, citizens on the street and speakers at the City Council Meetings?

    How does one support the present Mayor and her Council and still say they have a passion for what is best for ALL citizens in Peekskill?

    The good news is people do have a choice to vote against abuse, retaliation, arrogance and phony words of compassion. People do have the choice to vote against greed, insult & a “my way or the highway” mentality. Voters can relieve this city of ineffective management, leadership and deceit. Voters can stop someone who believes “Eminent Domain” is a leadership style. People can begin to heal and build in a city without an abusive financial, social, political, and selfish agenda by committing to helping end the present administration’s grip on the city and helping others understand and then stand up!

    Thank you, Mr. Davis and the Committee For Justice for holding up a mirror for us and a beacon to see through the public relations smokescreen set up by Mayor Foster.

  • I need you to contact me ASAP I’m starting a campaign to run for mayor of this friggin town and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

    Email me or call me ASAP I wanna learn whatever I can with you ands discuss some serious shit


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