The Ugliest Administration in Peekskill’s History

The Peekskill Democratic Party has allowed a group of elitist to move into Peekskill, take over the party, and then apply THEIR standards of who is good enough to continue to live here.

When their hostility to poor people and people of color became evident, we had no choice but to stand up to them. What resulted was the worst attack on constitutional rights this town has ever seen, violent gutter politics and a real political coupe: a part-time, ceremonial mayor completely took over local government and has run it into the ground.

This radio show I did this week is certainly one the most important shows I have ever done. I am not talking to the Democrats’ supporters who refer to Black people as “monkeys” or “people gaming the system.” I am talking to the fair minded who want to know our perspective and experiences under this administration. Because, unlike these Democrats, I don’t believe most voters in Peekskill are stupid. Unlike these Democrats, I don’t believe most of the residents that I grew up with in Peekskill think this town should go to newly arrived white snobs and to hell with everyone else.

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2 Responses to “The Ugliest Administration in Peekskill’s History”

  • MAYOR FOSTER’S ADMINISTRATION in Peekskill NY: Four years of abuse, deceit and violations of human and constitutional rights. Four years of attacks and retaliation. Four years of denying any responsibility or any investment in resolution. Four years of supporting despicable people to help in the attacks and racism levied against poor people and people of color. Four long years of “spitting in the face” of victims and doing it with a phony smile. Four years of financial and ethical destruction of a beautiful City. Four years of a puppet City Council so scared, ignorant or incompetent that they do NOTHING. Four consistent years of trying to make victims of oppression and manipulation the reason for problems. Four painful years of city, county state and federal officials hiding their heads in the sand. Four years of religious, business, educational, housing and employment degradation by omission or commission. Each of these could be a chapter in a book that holds a mirror up to a city struggling for a new beginning. Darrell Davis, Leader of the Committee for Justice and a radio personality brings that “book” to our eyes and ears in this 55 minutes of insight, facts and explanation of that four years. Listen to this program immediately or at least before the city votes in November. After listening, you will have no trouble, Democrat, Republican or Independent, making the decision to vote against continuation of one more minute of suffering and abuse by the Foster Administration. The winds of change are blowing steadily. Be part of that change and deny the present administration an opportunity to continue the arrogant, racist selfish and abusive pattern of inflicting hurt on this City.

  • As a member of Cortlandt Peekskill Anti-Racism Collaborative who has attended most Common Council meetings over the past four years I attest to the fact that Darrell Davis has never directed a personal attack to anyone else present in the Council meeting. The issues he brings to the Council are petitions for assistance and reflections on the policies and practices we see being carried out under the current administration. This cannot be said about others attending meetings over this period of time as witnessed at the meeting of October, 15.
    The actions and reactions which occurred during this meeting must be seen in the context of the repeated insults and abuses over the course of dozens of meetings.

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